Beauty Devices – Which Beauty Devices Should You Buy?

A beauty device, or at-home beauty tool, is the next big thing in skincare. But with

so many devices on the market 皱纹, and each making a different set of complexion-
improving promises, it’s hard to know whether they are worth the investment or just

another unnecessary fad. That’s why we spoke to dermatologists and beauty
experts to find out which ones they recommend – and the devices you should avoid.

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The first device on our list comes from FOREO, which uses the same technology as
medical aestheticians to help you achieve at-home ‘facials’ with ease. The small,
attractive handheld device relies on microcurrent and T-Sonic technology to tighten
and tone the skin, smoothing out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and
leaving a brighter complexion in its wake. Combined with a face-mapping app to
guide the treatment and ensure you don’t miss any areas, it also boasts three
settings for the strength of the current, and is super easy to use (and may tingle a
bit if used incorrectly).
It’s worth noting that while this is often marketed as a anti-aging device, the
technology doesn’t actually work that way, instead aiming to stimulate the skin’s
natural healing process by gently exfoliating, which results in a fresher, more
radiant complexion. It’s a time commitment though and requires consistent usage to
reap the benefits.

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Another popular option is the PMD Classic, which promises to’restore youthfulness to
the skin’ by stimulating collagen and elastin production and removing dead skin
cells. It works by using spinning discs embedded with aluminium oxide crystals to
remove the outer layer of skin and expose newer, healthier cells. It’s a great option
for those suffering from hyperpigmentation, redness or acne, but it can be a bit
irritating for those with sensitive skin, so a patch test is always recommended first.
Finally, there are LED devices like the Lightstim which claim to use photon red light
and thermal therapy to combat signs of aging – specifically, by tightening and
firming the skin. It also claims to reduce the look of pores, improve skin elasticity and
promote healthy hair growth. It’s a quick and affordable at-home treatment, but like
the RF facial above, it can be a little irritating for those with more sensitive skin so a
patch test is always recommended first.
It’s worth noting that none of these devices are as powerful as any in-clinic device,
but they can definitely deliver a boost to your routine and help to enhance the
efficacy of your skincare products. With that in mind, we rounded up the best ones
to shop below.

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